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Is This For Me?

Well, maybe first, our products are NOT for you if you're looking for:

❌ General travel advice

❌ Standard beach or other relax-type holidays

❌ Trips focused on art, cuisine, musea, parties

❌ Luxurious stays and treatments

❌ Standard road trips compiled from a collection of touristy places where everyone goes, just so you can be the 1 millionth person that posts he same instagram pic.

The people who ARE very happy with the products on this website:

✔️ Are looking for generally nature-focused travel with a touch of adventure

✔️ Looking to (re)connect with themselves and their surroundings, and to have an emotionally fullfilling experience that lasts a lifetime.

✔️ Don't have or want to spend weeks/months of preparation time, struggling through countless contradicting resources, only to end up starting their journey confused and unsure, traveling the standard road and missing out on the best stuff.

✔️ Don't want to loose half of their vacation time (and money) on bad locations, choices, and decisions. Which is (talking from experience here) an inevitable reality if you go even just a little bit off the beaten track.

✔️ Want the freedom to travel autonomously, but on the other hand want to feel the safety and comfort of knowing what they're doing as if they'd be traveling in a group.

Could you check off at least two of the ✔️ boxes above? Then welcome to an unforgettable experience!

Let's talk real for a minute: The return on investment if you decide to buy one of the travel journeys is huge. As well in monetary terms as in joy, peace of mind, and just knowing that someone has your back all the way.

Your virtual travel buddy who cares.